Why become a Certified Snow Professional?   

Who is a Certified Snow Professional?

A CSP is a business owner or manager who has taken the next step in managing and running a professional snow & ice management business. This individual has studied for and passed a rigorous exam covering business, legal, subcontractor, snow science, snow mechanics, and human resources.

Why should you become a CSP?

If you are serious about snow and ice, you should be serious about becoming a CSP. The program can help you:

  • Manage the snow business, not just the snow event
  • Take the guesswork out of insurance and legal issues
  • Increase your sales potential
  • Lead your company to greater success

Benefits of being a Certified Snow Professional include:

  • New marketing opportunities
  • Strong credentials backing your business
  • Pride and professionalism in your work
  • Increased knowledge of all aspects of running your business
  • Use of CSP logo and designation after your name

Program Objectives:

  • To raise the standards of the profession and create leaders in the industry.
  • To encourage self-assessment by offering guidelines for achievement.
  • To identify persons with environmental responsibility and exceptional knowledge of principles and practices of the profession.
  • To recognize those who have demonstrated a high level of competence within the profession.
  • To improve performance within the profession by requiring participation in a continuing program of professional and educational development.
  • To cooperate with other providers of educational services in the development of training programs and continuing education and/or review of applicable programs.
  • To keep on top of the industry by encouraging certified members to be effective communicators of the industry's values and principles by keeping informed and knowledgeable.
  • To develop educators that will expand the horizons of co-workers, customers, and communities.