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SIMA has the Certified Snow Professional (CSP) certification program and the Advanced Snow Management (ASM) certificate program:

  • Certified Snow Professional (CSP) certification program - A certification for owners and executives, focused on the critical elements of running a professional snow business. There are pre-requisites and annual requirements for CSP. Scroll down for more information on CSP. 
  • Advanced Snow Management (ASM) certificate program - A core-knowledge program designed for equipment operators and snow event operations managers. There are no pre-requisites or annual requirements for ASM. Visit here for more information on ASM.

Certified Snow Professional

A Certified Snow Professional is...

  • A leader in the snow plowing industry
  • Passionate about his/her work
  • Environmentally responsibleEager to learn and grow
  • Creative in exploring and reaching successful solutions
  • Informed, knowledgeable, and an effective communicator of the industry's values and principles
  • An educator expanding the horizons of co-workers, customers, and community

A Certified Snow Professional is able to...

  • Lead and manage a profitable snowplowing business.
  • Remove snow and control ice conditions by understanding and applying the principles of snow and ice properties and chemicals.
  • Remove snow and control ice conditions by understanding and applying snowplow technology.
  • Develop and manage a human resource strategy in context with the organization's mission and vision.
  • Understand and apply the basic concepts of the marketing process and the marketing plan.
  • Know the legal, financial, and managerial implications of hiring and workingwith sub-contractors

Daniel Kielson and the CSP Committee, November 14, 2005