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SIMA offers a Certified Snow Professional (CSP) credential. Applicants study and are tested on a broad range of topics that include business management and operations topics, on top of Snow & Ice industry topics.

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Pros know what it takes to deliver on-time clearance—from planning and materials, to teamwork and accountability. Do you? Learn about working in Snow & Ice from them here with this video series.

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Planning & Preparation

Experience is invaluable, but planning and communication make the difference when it matters most. What should you ask about…

Materials & Choices

De-icing vs. Anti-icing? What’s the difference? How does it relate to service & price?

Insured for Snow?

Claims get made, for injuries, property damage—who carries the risk?


Of course, a must-have. But what’s critical? Get tips

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Check out GoPlow.com for articles from Snow Business, video interviews & more on the business of Snow!

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It is not as straightforward as it sometimes looks…

Snow and ice management is not a simple business. Few things related to it are constant—except the need to have service you can count on. Providers juggle inconsistent environmental factors against limited resources, and high client expectations every hour of every day, of every season.

SIMA members tell us one thing consistently—they do it because they love it. They love the challenges, and the rewards of doing a job that enables others to do theirs.

If you have ever had the experience of working with someone who is exceptional at what they do, you may

agree that it can be tricky to express what it is that makes them so exceptional.

The videos showcased here present some insights from professional Snow & Ice Management industry representatives on the importance of professionalism, reliability and managing risk. We invite you to watch and learn what they view as critical to doing high-quality work while providing excellent service.

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SIMA Member Search

There are more than 1600 SIMA Members in North America, across the United States and Canada. SIMA is proud to serve these dedicated professionals, who make service to others their business.

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